Innovation Unleashed: Navigating AI and ML





13. 10. 2023, 17:30–21:00

Lazaretní 9, Brno

Join us at Brno's Dni.AI for an evening of tech talks featuring our Senior Machine Learning Engineers 🤖 Our colleagues Thomas Browne and Viktor Humaj will discuss how advanced Machine Learning models benefit our app and how we leverage AI in Customer Support for better CX. Our friends from STRV and Samdosoft will explore the differences between Machine Learning and AI and will also delve into the usage of AI in the gaming industry. To make it more enjoyable, we are organizing a quiz with travel vouchers up for grabs! 🚀


17:30–17:45 Hello & Welcome
17:45–18:00 Quick quiz for vouchers 🎉
18:00–18:25 1st talk + Q&A with Thomas from
18:25–18:50 2nd talk + Q&A with Vladimir from STRV
18:50–19:00 short break
19:00–19:25 3rd talk + Q&A with Samuel from Samdosoft
19:25–19:50 4th talk + Q&A with Viktor from

19:50–21:00 beers & pizzas

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